Chinese Language

Duration 1 year
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee ¥4500 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation

Teaching Objectives for Short-Term Course A (Elementary level)

Elementary level: For students having not learned any Chinese

1 Being able to give a full presentation of oneself, family and friends in mandarin.
2 Being able to write a short essay in Chinese of self-introduction.
3 Being able to understand numbers, days and dates, time, and describing people when given the listening material.
4 Knowing about Chinese festivals and taboos.
5 Knowing basic Chinese Fengshui theories and history.
6 Knowing basic cultural knowledge about China.

Teaching Objectives for Short-Term Course B (Advanced level)
Advanced level: For students having learned some Chinese
After completing the course, students are expected to master Chinese mandarin sound, resonates, tone systems, write Chinese correctly, learn around 500 vocabulary, and be able to speak and write down some sentences by using learnt vocabulary and language knowledge

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