Chinese language

Duration 1 year
Starting Date March
Tuition Fee ¥4500 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation

1. Teaching Objectives for Short-Term Course A (Elementary level)

Week 1

A Taste Session of Chinese Language and Culture

China and Chinese Cities: Map of China

Chinese Knowledge Quick Quiz

A Taste of Chinese Language – Tones and Symbols

Week 2

Chinese Classroom

Routines Greetings

Chinese Zodiac

Compare Chinese Classroom Routines and  Classroom

Routines in Students’ Countries

Hand-out of Greeting Words

Hand-out of Chinese Zodiac Story and Chart

Week 3

Pinyin (Part I)

Pinyin Chart with Hand-out

Pinyin Chant/Song

Tone Games

Week 4

Pinyin (Part II)

Chopsticks skill

Pinyin Quick Test

Pinyin Combination

Hand-out of Pinyin Cheat Sheet

Tones Exercises and Games

Chopsticks Skills and Chopsticks Game

Week 5

Numbers and

Telephone Numbers

Chinese School Routines and Exercises

Numbers from 1-10

0 and 1 for Telephone Numbers

A Video Clip of Chinese School Routines and Exercises

Week 6

Chinese Symbols


Basic Strokes (Part I)

The History of Chinese Symbols

Basic Strokes and How to Say and Write Them

Week 7

Basic Strokes (Part II)


greeting and name

Revision of Basic Strokes

Learn “你好!”, “谢谢!”, “再见!”, “你好吗?” and

how to respond to these greetings

Week 8


name and age

Chinese Festivals

and Celebrations

Learn Name and Age Related Words and Questions and

How to Answer Them

Hand-out of the Chinese Festivals

Week 9

Family and family


Chinese family and

one-child policy

Learn Family Related Words

Draw a Family Tree

Show the Pics of the Peak Hour at a Peking Subway

Station and a Shanghai Bus Station and Introduce One-Child Policy and New Policies of Birth Control

Week 10

Day, dates and birthday

Chinese Lunar Calendar

Learn Day, Dates and Birthday Related Words

Hand-out of Lunar Calendar 2016 and Introduce Briefly

Chinese Traditional Important Dates

2. Elementary level : For students having not learned any Chinese

(1) Being able to give a full presentation of oneself, family and friends in mandarin.

(2) Being able to write a short essay in Chinese of self-introduction.

(3) Being able to understand numbers, days and dates, time, and describing people when given the listening material.

(4) Knowing about Chinese festivals and taboos.

(5) Knowing basic Chinese Fengshui theories and history.

(6) Knowing basic cultural knowledge about China.

Teaching Objectives for Short-Term Course B (Advanced level)


Students With Certain Chinese knowledge

Chinese Course

Name of the Course: Chinese Language and Culture
Credits: 20 credit hours per week, 40 minutes per credit hour.
Class time: 8:40~11:50 am from Monday to Friday
Length of Time for class:20 weeks(one semester)

Course Description

Chinese Reading and Writing

Credit Hours per Week: 8

Credit: 8 credits

Course Description:

After completing the course, students are expected to master Chinese

mandarin sound, resonates, tone systems, write Chinese correctly,

learn around 500 vocabulary, and be able to speak and write down

some sentences by using learnt vocabulary and language knowledge.

Oral Chinese

Credit Hours per Week: 6

Credits: 6

Course Description:

This course helps students consolidate what they have learned in the

reading and writing course, correct students’ pronunciation. It also

helps students do some role-plays, which strengthen students’

communicative ability in daily life.

Chinese Listening

Credit Hours per Week: 4

Credits: 4

Course Description:

Students are able to distinguish the correct tones and intonations,

and understand simple sentences, dialogues and passages. It

strengthens students’ listening competence in daily life.

Pictures and Talks

Credit Hours per Week: 2

Credits: 2

Course Description:

The course helps students consolidate the Hanyu Pinyin System,

correct their pronunciation, and grasp the usage of new words in

the order of picture-pinyin-words. Students are required to describe a piece of picture with simple

sentences and tell some simple scenes with the words and language

knowledge they learned.


Certificate will be granted if student completes required credit hours and passes test.
Academic Transcript and Certificate of Enrollment are provided both in Chinese and
English language.


Culture Courses

Learn Chinese Songs, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Tai Ji Quan, etc.


Half-day tour in Xi’an,   One-day tour to Terracotta Army Museum

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